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JOE FRAZER, vs Muhamad Ali: 3 Fight of the Century

Frazier bested Ali at 1971’s “Fight of the Century” at Madison Square Garden. In the 15th round, Frazier landed perhaps the most famous left hook in history, catching Ali on the jaw and dropping the former champ for a four-count, according to Frazier’s bio at the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Frazier left the ring as the undisputed champ and handed Ali his first professional loss.

“Ali was talking to him and Joe never did bow down. Ali would make a comment and Joe would talk right back. He always had that determination,” Steward said.

Ali won a 12-round decision in a January 1974 rematch, IN THE FIRST PPV EVENT IN THE HISTORY, setting the stage for the classic “Thrilla in Manila” just outside the Philippine capital in 1975.






Ali took the early rounds, but Frazier rebounded before losing

the last five rounds. By the  end of the 14th, Frazier’s eyes were nearly swollen shut, and his corner stopped the bout, according to the biography.

Later, Ali said, “It was the closest I’ve come to death.”

 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stan Hochman noted that Frazier “summoned the skill and courage to battle Ali into the 14th round in Manila.”

“He was a fighter, pure and simple, with a style that seemed destined for a short career. Trudge forward, lean on the other guy, take two to land one,” Hochman wrote.




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