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The liasion of Colombia and Sinaloa Cartel`s, captured

MEXICO CITY, 12 Feb. The Police of Colombia in an extradition process with Ecuador, transferred /deported, Heriberto Fernandez Ramirez, aka “Beto” to Bogotá narcotics base, who served as liaison for illegal drugs business between Daniel Barrera, “El Loco” and Joaquin Guzman Loera, “El Chapo Guzman” .

The capture of the Colombian confirmed the alliance between Daniel Barrera, the most wanted drug lord in Colombia, and the organization that leads El Chapo Guzman.

“It is noteworthy that Heriberto Fernandez Ramirez, whose extradition is also requested by the District Court of Virginia in the United States for drug trafficking and related crimes,” said Director of Narcotics, General Luis Alberto Perez Alvarán.

Fernandez Ramirez, “Beto,” was intercepted on Tuesday as he walked through the streets by police in Ecuador, and confirmed that he had entered the neighboring country illegally.

Intelligence from the neighboring country confirmed the identity of the Colombian drug trafficker, and immediately reported his arrest to the Colombian Anti-Narcotics Directorate to facilitate delivery. The detainee was transferred at the border of both countries in the night to the Colombian police in the town of Ipiales, Nariño. From there, he was taken to the base of the National Police Narcotics in Bogota.

The “Beto” started his criminal history in the service of Maximilian criminal organization Bonilla, alias Valenciano, coordinating the transportation of large quantities of drugs.

The Narcotics Division said that in his criminal actions, Beto coordinated the transportation and shipment of at least 7 tons of cocaine to the outside, using pollution Containers as the main mode of transport.



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